Xbox Big Screen Parties

Thank you for your interest in booking a party with your local Cineplex theatre. Please be advised that during the period of December 15 to January 8 our theatres will not be booking any parties. We would be happy to accept any requests for parties outside of this period.

All gamers need snacks to fuel their skills!

In your private auditorium, you can order from a selection of discounted concession items and it will be served
to your seat! All items listed below are available at 30% off the regular price when you book a video game
party on Xbox.

  • M & M Plain
  • M & M Peanut
  • Skittles
  • Twizzlers
  • Regular Fountain Drink
  • Bottled Dasani Water

* Any other food items offered by the theatre are available at regular price. Additional food choices vary depending on the theatre location.