I Feel Pretty, A Quiet Place, Tully and all of the movies at the Cineplex Store in July!

I Feel Pretty, A Quiet Place, Tully and all of the movies at the Cineplex Store in July!

Summer is officially here, finally.

That's right, it's July, and sometimes it's just a little too hot outside and we need to take shelter in any air-conditioned space we can find. For those days where we have to stay inside, we'll want to spend our time watching a movie. Luckily, the Cineplex Store has some great new buzzed about titles that are now available to buy or rent.

From hit comedies like Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty, to one of the best horror movies of the year, A Quiet Place, there's tons of great new options of films to watch at home. We're breaking down our picks for you below!

July 3rd

Our pick of the week: I Feel Pretty (available to buy)

Amy Schumer's latest comedy created a movement of self-love in the way that films rarely achieve. We don't often get an adult comedy that promotes a message in the way that I Feel Pretty did, and honestly, we need more movies like this. The film follows Schumer as Renee, a woman who has incredibly low self-esteem until a head injury leads her to believe that she's the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Also available to buy: Ready Player One, Truth or Dare, Super Troopers 2

Available to rent:

This week's Movie for a Loonie: The Mountain Between Us

July 10th

Our pick of the week: A Quiet Place (available to rent or buy)

Who knew that Jim from "The Office" would direct one of the most successful horror films in recent memory. John Krasinski directs and stars alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt in this apocalyptic tale where a new breed of monsters prey upon anything that makes a sound. What this results in is a chilling, near-silent film that will have you on the edge of your seat, as this family tries to survive without making a single noise. 

This week's Movie for a Loonie: Daddy's Home 2

July 17th

Our pick of the week: Tully (available to buy)

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody have proven to be a match made in heaven with their previous films Juno and Young Adult. Tully completes a thematic trilogy from the director and screenwriter, and it brings back their muse Charlize Theron as a struggling mother who finds solace in a night nanny, played by Mackenzie Davis. Tully is an honest look at family life, and it acts as an ode to motherhood. 

Available to rent: Truth or Dare, I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2, Rampage, Isle of Dogs

This week's Movie for a Loonie: Insidious: The Last Key

July 24th

Our pick of the week: Life of the Party (available to buy)

Coming-of-age stories aren't just for kids. In Melissa McCarthy's latest comedic venture, she plays a forty-something who is in the midst of a divorce and who needs to find herself. In order to do this, she decides to go get her college degree, an experience she missed out on when she was younger. She follows her daughter to school, and throws herself into all of the things that college has to offer, including parties, drugs and maybe the occasional class. 

Also available to buy: Breaking In

Available to rent: Ready Player One

Movie for a Loonie: Roman J. Israel Esq. 

July 31st

Our pick of the week:
  The Miracle Season (available to buy)

This inspirational story follows an all-girls high school volleyball team who must band together after the tragic death of one of their teammates. Helen Hunt stars as their tough-love coach, who pushes these young women towards winning the state championship.

Available to rent: Tully, Life of the Party

Movie for a Loonie: Call Me By Your Name 

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