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Celebrate Moonlight, Arrival, La La Land and more in our 2017 Awards Nominees Supercut

We often get caught up in the competition that is the awards race, when really we should just be celebrating a year's worth of wonderful movies.

Whether you preferred La La Land, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, or any of the 2017 Oscars contenders, there's no doubt that these are all brilliant and effective films that are all beautiful each in their own way.

We're singing the praises of every Academy Award nominated film this year with our annual Oscars Supercut. In under three minutes, you'll remember all of the emotions these films stirred in you as you watched, and you can relive that magic again.

Watch our 2017 Awards Nominees Supercut below, and join us in all of our coverage on the awards race here.

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