Beauty and the Beast is the next Sensory Friendly screening at Cineplex!

Beauty and the Beast is the next Sensory Friendly screening at Cineplex!

On Saturday April 1st, Cineplex is proud to present Beauty and the Beast in Sensory-Friendly screenings in select theatres!

Cineplex’s sensory-friendly screenings is a unique program created in consultation with Autism Speaks Canada. Born out of the desire to create ongoing inclusive programming for families, these screenings of new, first-run movies eliminate some of the stresses that families whose members have sensory sensitivities or are on the autism spectrum might otherwise feel at a movie theatre.

With some small modifications families can enjoy the experience of seeing a new movie in a comfortable, welcoming environment, free of environmental factors that can be overstimulating for people with sensitivities or an autism spectrum disorder.

At a sensory-friendly screening, you’ll find that:

  • The lights are raised
  • The sound is lower than usual
  • There are fewer people in the theatre
  • Concessions are sold in the theatre
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks to meet dietary restrictions
  • There is a quiet zone available for those who need it
  • It is a welcoming, judgment-free environment

New sensory-friendly screenings happen every 4-6 weeks at select theatres, to make it easier for families to plan ahead on a regular basis.

Watch the trailer:

To find out more including upcoming screenings and locations nearest you, click here!