Awkwafina steals our hearts in Crazy Rich Asians

Awkwafina steals our hearts in Crazy Rich Asians

While the film centers on a romance between Rachel Chu and Nick Young, we were crushing on Rachel and Peik Lin’s friendship (and want Awkwafina to be our new best friend).

Crazy Rich Asians is quickly becoming one of this summer’s breakout hits — for many reasons, not the least of which is Awkwafina’s role as Peik Lin, who’s fearless, fashion-forward and gives pithy (and apt) advice. Here are five reasons why Awkwafina is the scene-stealer in Crazy Rich Asians and why Peik Lin and Rachel are #friendshipgoals.


1. She’s in the know

Peik Lin is that friend who knows everything and everyone. This definitely comes in handy for Rachel, who arrives in Singapore with no idea that the man she’s been dating for over a year is the richest and most talked about bachelor in Singapore. It’s only after visiting Peik Lin that she learns what she’s gotten herself into and she relies on advice from her pal.


2. She’s ready for anything

Peik Lin is fast on her feet – but who wouldn’t jump on the chance to meet someone as notable as Nick Young? She takes it upon herself to drive Rachel to the “little” party Nick’s family is throwing, and when Nick impulsively invites her to join, she has several outfits (including a cocktail dress), at the ready in the trunk of her car – something we’re taking note of for our spontaneous soirees.


3. Her fashion is on fire

Speaking of that cocktail dress, Peik Lin’s wardrobe is on a whole other level. Coming from a wealthy family herself, her closet is to die for, and she transforms Rachel into the star of the show on more than one occasion. But we’re stuck on her own outfits, with crazy patterns and colours that she works so well.

4. Her family is hilarious

She got it from her momma, and her poppa. Clearly Peik Lin’s quirky streak runs in the family. (Her dad is played by one of our favourite comic actors Ken Jeong, which tells you all you need to know.) She’s outspoken, funny and knows how to get what she wants – but her family keeps her grounded and provides context as to how she got to be as cool as she is.

5. She gives amazing advice

Peik Lin is someone we’d want in our corner. Despite not seeing Rachel for years (they were old college friends), she immediately picks up their friendship right where it left off as the reliable, caring and sassy confidant everyone needs in their life. When Rachel is snubbed by Nick’s mother who paints her as a gold-digger, it’s Peik Lin who reminds her that she’s a strong and independent woman who can get anything she wants.

Though Crazy Rich Asians makes for a great date movie, it works just as well for bonding with your bestie.

Meet for a glass of wine and then go see Crazy Rich Asians together. You’ll laugh, cry, and be inspired by the friendship that plays out on screen.