Love, Actually returns to Cineplex for One Night Only!

Love, Actually returns to Cineplex for One Night Only!

On December 11th, Cineplex Events is screening Love, Actually as a part of our VIP One Night Only series.

For one night only, you can watch the Christmas-set rom-com classic Love, Actually on the big screen with all of your closest friends who also appreciate Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. At VIP, you can enjoy the movie while also having a bite to eat and enjoying a cocktail!

In case you forgot about this charming little film, let us remind you why you need to revisit it at a Cineplex VIP Theatre with our five favourite moments from Love, Actually.

Warning: These clips contain spoilers

1. Hugh Grant is a dancing Prime Minister

2. Cue Cards are the way to a girl's heart

3. Colin Firth learns Portugese

4. Chasing your love at the airport is worth it

5. Bill Nighy feels Christmas in his fingers and his toes!

For more details and tickets to the One Night Only showing of Love, Actually on December 11th, click here!