One week before the wedding, Reba calls it off. When her devastated fiance commits suicide, a guilt-ridden Reba takes off for Spooner, her hometown, in his beat-up old station wagon, which is an ever-present reminder of her beloved. In Spooner's most dilapidated domain lives shotgun-toting Beulah and her grief-stricken grandson Zach. Zack is still so attached to his dead wife that he actually carries her skeleton with him wherever he goes...After Zack and Reba's memorable introduction at the cemetery, Beulah decides to play matchmaker. She stages a risky plan to encourage the two to act upon their attraction to each other. But just as the plan seems to be working, tragedy strikes their lives again. Misunderstandings complicate things further and out of their darkest moments they now have to make a decision-to give up the ghosts of their pasts forever in order to live a happy life...together.