Meet the Wisemans; a traditional Jewish family living in suburban 1960's England. The husband and father, Victor, works long hours in the family's drapery store rarely finding time to spend at home. Then there is Victor's lovely wife Ruth, ten years younger than him, she longs for excitement. Last but not least is eleven-year-old David, who dreams of becoming a cricket star, much to the dismay and ridicule of his classmates, as he is just not very good. Enter the Samuels; the lively Jamaican family who move in next door to the Wisemans and unexpectedly change their lives for the better. When Dennis Samuels erects a cricket net in their backyard, David is in seventh heaven. Dennis kindly takes David under his wing and teaches him the skills he needs to finally make his school's team. But again, this is 1960's England; racial tensions are high, and the new arrivals are not welcomed by all. As the Wisemans find themselves caught in the middle, they are forced to choose between aligning with the prejudices of the neighborhood and sticking by their new friends.


Paul Morrison