Marty is a failed jazz musician whose reclusive life has become limited to occasional piano lessons, the companionship of his sleepy dog Dolphy, and brief contact with Sheila, a go-go dancer who rents a room in his rundown house. Sheila comes across an antique rocking chair and delivers it to Marty as an act of friendship. However, the rocking chair comes with a pair of surprises: two ghosts who died in the chair years earlier. One ghost is a rambunctious child named Ruthie who died a century earlier from illness; the other is a sexy and more contemporary spirit named Lilly who was killed inthe chair by her abusive husband Frank, the owner of a local bar. Realizing they have a chance to escape their imprisonment to the rocking chair, Lilly and Ruthie make themselves known to Marty and Sheila, with Frank as the target of their ghostly wrath.


Sara Driver