Hyper-neurotic Quinn Berman has a quarter-life crisis when a minor eye ailment gives him a taste of mortality. This prompts him to confess his love for his hot blonde co-worker Kelsey, just moments before he planned to propose to his girlfriend, Devon. After impulsively leaving Devon for Kelsey, he immediately regrets his decision, and he goes back to Devon. But minutes after he wins her back, he admits his infidelities and she takes off for Paris to "find herself," but not before instructing Quinn to sew his oats and get it out of his system before there can be any possible reconciliation. He attempts to follow her orders, but she has his heart. So Quinn follows Devon to Paris, where he discovers that she has met a Frenchman. But Quinn will stop at nothing to win back his love, a pursuit that is fraught with many pitfalls, namely that the forsaken Kelsey decides to also follow Quinn to Paris to win him back.