"One-Eye" Jimmy has disappeared from his Red Hook, Brooklyn haunt. As word spreads, many of the neighborhood's disparate group of colorful locals join in an hilarious, inept search. Documenting this mad-cap hunt is a young filmmaker, Les, who turns his camera on Red Hook's denizens to resolve the mystery. The interviewees are a broad, colorful mixture, including: Junior, a sharp-tongued, near-sighted car thief; Ed Hoyt, Jimmy's brother; Lefty, a boxer with lots of muscle and little upstairs; Disco Bean, a dancer with a penchant for 70's "Saturday Night Fever" madness; Colonel Ron, a crazed Vietnam vet; Holly Hoyt, Jimmy's impassioned mother; and Madame Esther, a kooky seer who sells more hand cream than advice. The FBI, Catholic Church and the Mob all join in the hunt which leads to a most surprising resolution.