Los-Angeles. A New Year's Eve is just getting underway. The host, Oleg, is one of the new Russian multimillionaires. His wild younger brother Alex and his mother are there having a good time. It's obvious Oleg takes good care of his family. Waiters carry heavy platters of Russian food and icy bottles of vodka to the tables where guests are eating and drinking. Music plays and Oleg sings a song. He's in a good mood because after years of constant work he's decided to take a vacation and change his life. All his relatives want favors from him and Oleg is always generous. Oleg's lawyer arrives with bad news. Oleg's partner in Moscow wants his fifty million dollar investment back. People in Moscow are nervous because of all the money scandals. Oleg knows too much; he's a big player in complicated Russian business. Oleg doesn't want to hear about this mess now. He knows the situation is serious but he's confident he will survive. Here comes Lisa to help him.


Sergei Bodrov