Once a major Hollywood star, Vic reluctantly agrees accepts an invitation to be the special guest at a Nashville film festival and receive a lifetime achievement award. It'll likely be awkward, Vic knows, but it might also represent an element of starting over. Unfortunately, the film fest Vic finds himself at is a small-time, slapdash wannabe gala that screens movies in a local bar and puts Vic, used to classy accommodations, up at a cheap motel. Disenchanted, Vic decides to high-tail it out of Nashville. He tells his driver/fest go-fer, a messed-up millennial named Lil, to take him to his hometown of Knoxville, which he hasn't been to in decades. There, Vic reconnects with his past and rediscovers a sense of himself he hasn't seen since he became a box office sensation in the 1970s. As Vic comes to grips with who he was, who he is, and who he could still become, he helps Lil put her own life into focus.


Adam Rifkin