The Innocent Sleep
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The Innocent Sleep

June 27, 1997 | 1h 36m




Scott Michell, Harry Bradbeer


Annabella Sciorra, Rupert Graves, Michael Gambon, Franco Nero, John Hannah, Oliver Cotton, Tony Bluto, Paul Brightwell, Campbell Morrison, Graham Crowden, Hilary Crowson, Kieran Smith, Sean Gilder, Brian Lipson, Dermot Kerrigan, Dermot Keaney, Alex Richardson, Chris Chering, Chris Jury, Laura Berkeley, Hugh Walters, Crispin Redman, Katy Carr, Christopher Armstrong, Lehla Eldridge, Struan Rodger, Stephen Yardley, Robert James, Peter Cartwright, Julian Rivett, Patrick Duggan, Riz Abbasi, James Peck, Peter Howell


Scott Michell, Matthew Vaughn, Rod Michell


Ray Villis


Inspired by the 1982 Roberto Calvi Affair in which an Italian banker was found hanging from a bridge across the River Thames, the story follows Alan, a man from Northern England who is homeless after the loss of his wife and job. One night while sleeping in a deserted building, Alan witnesses the murder of a high-profile businessman. He attempts to leave the scene unnoticed, but the killers realize that someone has seen them commit the crime. He goes to the police only to discover that one of the killers is leading the case. To stay alive, Alan recruits the help of Billie Hayman, an American journalist, to cover his story.


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