In 1934, two attractive sisters fall in love with the same man: the debonair Rickie, who has a career in the city and knows what is expected of one who has been well-groomed in the proper English fashion. Rickie marries the serenely confident and level-headed Madeleine--leaving the high-strung, bohemian Dinah to watch, while her sister carries away the spoils. However, Rickie and Dinah prove to have an undeniable connection that soon leads them into a full-blown affair of epic proportions. Their affair rips apart this carefully constructed social fabric. What follows is more than a decade of deception, betrayal, and manipulation during which Rickie's carefully constructed world falls apart and he is all but destroyed by love. With a veiled desperation, the wronged wife Madeleine and her mother do everything they can to restore the former, safer status quo.