Millionare Richard Longman is a San Francisco computer wizard in his early twenties whose immersion in the world of computers has left him unaccustomed to the world outside his door. With the recent loss of his father and his growing disinterest in the all-consuming pursuit of IPO glory, Richard has retreated further into his technological cocoon. But his computer cannot bring him what he hungers for most: the warmth of sustained human connection. Florence is a smart drummer in a loud, thrashy rock band, but to pay her bills she works as a stripper at an upscale club called Pandora's Box. In her own mind, the line between her real self, including her real sensuality, and her professional persona is crystal clear; however that division has not yet been put to the test. They meet in a coffee shop. Immediately attracted to each other, the two soon take off for Las Vegas, where, for three days, they explore the limits of their sexuality and the nature of passion and pleasure.


Wayne Wang