This is a documentary about a kind of music that describes a whole realm of its own, namely, the manic, mad, dramatic world of the Balkans. The No Smoking band was founded 20 years ago in former Yugoslavia. No sooner had the band formed at the beginning of the 80s than they incited public displeasure on account of their disrespectful comments on Marshall Tito's demise. Like travelling nomads, they have succeeded in withstanding all manner of political tragedies ever since, without ever once asking anyone for their protection. Emir Kusturica has been a band member since 1986; during concerts, the band's leader and singer, Dr. Nelle Karajlic, is prone to introducing him as 'my favourite director, Sergio Leone'. Kusturica's son, Stribor, joined the band as a drummer in 1994. No Smoking created the music for Kusturica's film, "Black Cat, White Cat" (France/Yugoslavia/Germany/1998), since which time the band's irresistible brand of Balkan punk has found fans all over the world.