It's Friday the 13th and Halloween is on the same day in Bulemia Falls (the mayor is dyslexic), and all hell is breaking loose. "The Killer," disguised in a costume stolen from Spencer's Gifts, attempts to kill off all the popular kids at Bulemia Falls High School. Since the costume was stolen under his watch, mall cop Doughy appoints himself to the case. He is joined on the stakeout by Hagitha Utslay, a beautiful but conniving V-Jay from the music cable network Empty-V.<P>Doughy and Hagitha watch as five of the most beautiful and popular kids at the school ineptly try to avoid being butchered. Each of them has received a mysterious note "from the desk of The Killer," and each knows he or she could be next. Fortunately for all of them, the killer is just as inept as they are, and most of his intended victims end up dying before he can get to them anyway.