Owen is an aspiring filmmaker and Ray is a struggling musician. The World Wide Film Festival in LA has accepted Owen's short film and gives him two first class tickets to the festival. Owen is excited to share his moment of glory with his fiance Lynn, but that excitement is extinguished when she learns of a one-night stand Owen has had and abruptly breaks off the engagement, leaving Owen heartbroken. Ray steps in to accompany Owen to the festival. Things begin to look up for the two friends when they run into actor Wallace Shawn at the airport. Smooth-talking Ray persuades Wallace to attend the screening of Owen's film and arranges to stay at The Four Seasons hotel. Unbeknownst to Owen, Ray begins posing as Wallace Shawn's son in order to stay in the luxury suite. The two are kicked out of the hotel and left with a hefty room service bill. Humiliated and worried about his fragile reputation as a filmmaker, Owen's frustration leads to an explosive fight that ends with Ray leaving. Eighteen months later, Owen is back in New York City when he runs into Ray. The two friends, happy to see each other, share a warm reunion. Their anger has faded into the past.


Frank Whaley