Manny is a young man with a serious Madonna/Whore complex, and a host of manias related to sexually transmitted disease. Manny's neuroses manifest as a pair of quick-talking 1950s gangsters who fill his ears with poisonous paranoia. He is involved in an on-again off-again (mostly off-again) sexual relationship with his best friend and confidante Mary, although he considers her dangerously promiscuous. But when they sleep together, Manny wakes up panic-stricken- his mind dancing with unclean visions. He trots off to the clinic (yet again) for a full work-up. Enter Manny's friend Brian, an unsuccessful boxer, accused of having no heart. So, Manny infects him with jealousy and paranoia and they channel the rage and transform Brian into a boxing-machine. Meanwhile, Manny meets the virginal Mary. He is smitten, and romantic visions swim in his head. Can the new Mary live up to his exacting standards?