Once upon a time, many years ago, a neighborhood in Buffalo, New York is mysteriously showered with 20-dollar bills. Theresa, a young girl who everyone thinks is a saint, doesn't have much trouble convincing her loose-knit "family" that the money is a gift from heaven to be split up amongst themselves. Years later, Theresa--who has become a nun--decides that it is time to pay the money back, so she calls the eccentric group back together to repay the "loan." The problem is, today, nobody has the money, nobody wants to give back the money, they don't know to whom it belongs, and most of them--at this point--can't stand each other. Theresa has some tall talking to do to get this querulous group on board, however her gift has been to always see the best in everyone, and so, she eventually wins the cynical group over. Through a roller coaster of comic twists and turns, the characters learn about family, romance, reconciliation and redemption--and the city's community also blossoms in the process. By working together they begin to realize their full potential; and each person, in a moment of selflessness, finds the dream they thought that money would buy them.