25-year-old Jonathan Lowenstein lives in Los Angeles, estranged from his wealthy upper Eastside New York family. One day he gets the call that his father, Robert, who has been ill for ten years, has 36 hours to live and he rushes to New York where he is joined by his mother Rachel and sister Karen. Jonathan's father reveals he is tired of fighting his battle with cancer, and has requested that he be injected with enough painkillers to kill himself at 8 a.m. the next morning. Karen, who is a law student, believes their father should be kept alive against his wishes, and is willing to get a court-order to make it so. Robert is furious with her for disrespecting his dying wish, but proposes that if she can make a compelling case for him to stay alive, he will forgo his own death. In the last 36 hours of his father's life, will Jonathan find closure, reconcile with his family and find the strength to stand as a man?