Ben Bingham, is a fossilized middle-aged ear nose and throat doctor who is married to the vibrant, beautiful Amanda who can no longer tolerate his complacency. With their son Justin about to leave for college, the idea of sharing an empty nest with her husband becomes so depressing, she leaves. Ben, mystified by her departure, drowns himself in gin, decides he has chronic fatigue syndrome and refuses to get out of his pajamas. Justin, an extremely popular 17 year-old, with a long list of friends with benefits, takes over. He gets Ben a new spiked hairstyle, an all black wardrobe and pushes him out into the social scene. Before Ben knows what is happening, he becomes the most popular single man in town, pursued by his nurse, his trainer, and a pair of Karaoke-singing twins. Things change when Justin falls in love for the first time with an angelic virginal Russian ballerina. Having no idea how to win her heart, Ben must teach his son how to forego being a stud and become a romantic. In the process, Ben realizes how much he has lost, letting Amanda go and decides to win her back--only to find she is now in the arms of another man.


Barra Grant