It's been twenty-five years since six Southern California girlfriends had a slumber party. So now that Jamie is about to embark on her third marriage, her best pals from girlhood decide to revisit their childhood ritual. An evening of daiquiris, dishing and Doris Day movies begins an ebullient homage to more innocent times. But as the night presses on, the angst of adulthood surfaces and the party takes an increasingly disturbing tone. With boundaries broken, taboos tossed and rivalries refueled, the women expose themselves to each other in unforeseen ways. Jill, obsessed with sex, wants out of a joyless marriage; her sister and nemesis, Rachel, is unhappily single; Georgina, a successful chef, is torn between loyalty to her lesbian lover Chris and carnal cravings for her male sous-chef; and Marcy, who has always followed the straight and narrow, confesses to being stalked by her unhinged house painter lover.