Foster kid Brendan King was arrested at fifteen and did three years in prison, but turned his life around when he found God. Now he studies hard, works after school and has joined The Seekers, a faith-based teen group that works on community service projects. When he rescues his popular classmate Natalie from a burning car, the accident puts both of them into the local spotlight. Brendan is cast as a gang member turned hero, and Natalie as the class president who had drugs in her car. Natalie is sentenced to community service with The Seekers, which she plans to finish as fast as possible, but the experience makes her look inward. She reveals a terrible secret to Brendan that has kept her from a relationship with God and begins to discover faith just as Brendan is finding acceptance. But members of Brendan's old gang arrive looking for a large cache of drugs that their former leader hid before he was killed, and they are sure that Brendan knows where they are in spite of his denials. When the gang threatens Natalie and his new foster family, Brendan must take drastic measures.