Femme fatale bombshell Geraldine Goodwitch gets out of jail after serving fourteen years. Only she knows where thirteen million dollars from a bank job gone-bad is stashed and she’s hell bent on getting it. Problem is, everyone else knows she knows. And they’ll do whatever to get their hands on the money. This includes her two sons Mr. White and Mr. Black, the lead singers in the band Boytech. They plan to torture their mom to find out where the money is. Then there’s the S&M madam, Vivacious Vivianne, Geraldine's old jailhouse nemesis. Working for Vivacious are Arnold and Sally, a couple of ex-military stooges. And the two gunslingers, Kid Krystal and the artist formally known as Mace. Also in the mix is The Preacher, an assassin cleaning up the streets for God. He also works for high paying clients, like Lisa, Goodwitch’s sister.