Two stories with two different casts and cities share thematic and narrative ties to form a cohesive whole. In "Dear Jenny", a lonely young woman in Los Angeles named Melody starts receiving mysterious, romantic postcards meant for somebody else. She soon finds herself drawn in by the intrigue of this secret relationship between the intended recipient and this lost penpal---so much so that she starts to feel directly involved, losing her grip on the real world as a well-meaning neighbor named Jonas desperately tries to court her and bring her back to reality. In "Love, Trevor", a young Englishman from London named Trevor arrives in the quiet suburban Californian community of Mountain View to meet his penpal Mira, a refugee from Sarajevo who lives here with an American family. As she is to be sent back to her war-torn homeland soon, Trevor believes he has just been flown out to cheer her up---until he discovers that he has been set up to discuss marriage with her.