Bella's life needs a change. Both her job; waiting tables at the local diner, and her relationship; an affair with a married playwright, is going nowhere. In a moment of panic over her imminent 35th birthday, Bella agrees to be set-up on a date with Bruno, an irresponsible cab driver and father of two. At the same time, one of her regular customers at the diner, Paul--a long-time widow--responds to an ad in a lonely hearts column and meets Emily; a fiesty go-getter who is young at heart. After a promising few dates, Paul finds he's questioning whether he still has the passion at his age to make a new relationship work. As Paul comes to term with his reluctance to be with Emily, Bella finds herself in a similar place with Bruno. She feels a strong connection to Bruno but is hesitant to take a chance when so many relationships have failed on her before. The two relationships cautiously continue and soon both couples find that they're at the mercy of the strange and random encounters of life.


Amos Kollek