Charlie has experienced a trauma, but he's doing his best to regain control of his life. Drawn to a mysterious stranger spotted from a distance, Charlie believes he's found the key to his recovery. As he searches the city in an effort to revisit this chance meeting, he encounters old friends and new acquaintances--all of whom have their own tale to tell and their own eerie connection to him, and each other. When he finally meets the object of his fascination what seems like a clandestine romance turns intriguingly darker. For Charlie, the boundaries of reality, which have given his life order, have shifted. The lines separating past and present, true and false, love and hate, gay and straight, have blurred. And as Charlie completes his quest, the urban myths we tell each other--the man with the stolen kidney, the poodle in the microwave--as well as the fantasies that spin in his head , merge as one and come to life to haunt him.


Jon Shear