No one represented the 70's quite like legendary designer Halston. Halston's look, sleek by day, slinky  by night, matched the mood of the times perfectly.  At the height of his fame in the '70s, he truly was the Emperor, not only of fashion, but of style. Halston was also emperor of another world, namely New York City nightlife, and the fabled Studio 54 was where he held court. At his pinnacle, Halston sold his business -- and his name - for an astronomical sum, but with the rise of the Regan era,  "Just say no" became the catch phrase, and Halston's many excesses and extravagances were suddenly out of fashion. Locked out of his own company, and unable to use the very name he had turned into a global brand, he dropped out of sight. His death from AIDS, a few years later, was final evidence of the end of an era.


Whitney Smith