A budding radio psychologist, Dr. Lillian Rose was forced to leave several careers for murky--but unsavory reasons. Penniless and moving fast, she relocates to Los Angeles on the hopes of a new job at a radio station there. But when she arrives, there is no job. Frantic, she takes a adjunct-faculty position at a small progressive college. In the classroom, the ambitious and charismatic Dr. Rose snaps right back to form, conscientiously mining her students for potential clients and devotees. Buoyed by their obvious adoration, she sees the chance to relaunch her media career. When her lecture series becomes a high visibility hit, Dr. Rose is on her way. However, when Dr. Rose carries her technique to it's bloody excess, more than the excess, more than the deadwood is eliminated and she is confronted by humiliating consequences.


Jon Scheide


Ray Stroeber