When Michael and his younger brother John lose their parents in a gas explosion, they are placed in a New York orphanage. A rich widow, who makes generous donations to the church, wants to adopt only one orphan. John is taken away during the night to live in her mansion, but Michael--along with an older orphan--first engineers his own escape and then that of his brother. The three head for Omaha on the first train they catch. Unfortunately, the train is instead heading for Boston and the police manage to capture Clay. The brothers find themselves adopted by a bunch of hobos on the train who, lead by Duke, map out a route to Omaha for the boys. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bastian the widow hires a private detective to capture and return John. As the boys' travels get tougher and the detective closes in, Duke and the hobos once again come to their rescue and help the brothers continue to Boys Town, where Father Flanagan is praying for their safety.


Keith O'Leary