John, a recent Yale graduate, moves to Los Angeles to begin a life on his own and pursue a writing career. John's credo, learned from his Uncle Darr, "Don't feel anything for anyone." Floating from job to job and attempting to live a life of detachment, John is forced to share his apartment with geeky Andrew, who only annoys as he struggles to ingratiate himself with John and his buddies. These three work a temp job together, pulling and sorting carbon credit card slips. One day, fed up with the current situation, John flies off the handle and quits. John is soon working for a sleazy father and son slumlord team, and meets Bevan, an oversexed, alcoholic vixen in distress. He spends his days fixing plumbing and evicting tenants and his nights drinking at the local bar. But when unexpected tragedy intervenes, John is finally forced to confront what makes an artist and a man.


George Hickenlooper