After the death of her husband, Elizabeth realizes for the first time that, after 50 years of a conventional marriage and a safe, respectable life, the only time she felt truly alive was when she was a teenager, playing in an (almost) all-girl band as London was being bombed during the darkest hours of World War II. To recreate the happiest era of her life, she organizes a reunion of the Blonde Bombshells. Scouring England and beyond for her former bandmates, she finds herself falling under the spell of the band's drummer, Patrick, who shares her joy for music and life. Bandmates include: Betty, the tough-talking piano player; Evelyn, the alto saxophonist, who served jail time for shoplifting; Annie, the trombonist, who now fronts a Salvation Army band; Gwen, the vocalist, who's still singing in a jazz quartet; Dinah, the hard-drinking trumpet player, who married well and lives in a Scottish castle; and Madeline, the double-bass player who moved to France years ago.


Gillies MacKinnon


Alan Plater