Trevor Blackburn emerges from a 4-year coma with only two memories intact: a failed occult ritual, which ended in the death of Faith, his fiancee, and some kind of bizarre medical procedure he's endured. He finds himself under the care of creepy Dr. Ek, a man whose odd demeanor can only cloak ulterior motives. When Trevor is sent to convalesce at the House of Love, a halfway house for recovering psychotics, he encounters a collection of truly weird souls. There's beautiful but untouchable Amy, Ronald and his sock puppet Lizzie, and Douglas, whose incoherent ramblings frequently yield lucid insights into Trevor's condition. Shortly after his arrival, Trevor begins to have nightmares. Meanwhile, as the residents of the House of Love are murdered, one by one, Trevor looks like the chief suspect. Nightmare and reality coalesce within Trevor's unraveling psyche, and the atmosphere of mystery thickens- hinting that insanity, or something infinitely worse, waits just beyond the attic door.


Jeremy Kasten