A comic fan meanders a comic book convention in San Diego, California and happens upon Issue #1 of a rare comic book "Surge of Power" whereupon the comic comes to life and we enter the wacky world of Big City, introducing Gavin Lucas who is out and proud about his comic reading penchant and longing to be a superhero, making him a target for some good natured ribbing. Gavin soon finds himself embroiled in drama between his professor colleague, Ronald Richards, and Ronald's former partner, Hector Harris, who sabotages one of Ronald's experiments, giving rise to the classic "freak accident" imbuing superpowers in the soon-to-be-hero, Gavin, and the seemingly-already-a-villain, Hector. A frustrated Ronald reluctantly befriends Gavin, building Gavin's Surge of Power "battle suit" and helping Gavin in zany crime fighting exploits. Gavin presents a hate crime and a bank robbery, saving the same Young Man each time, who becomes fascinated with Surge (in a Jimmy Olsen/Superman sort of way). Gavin takes a liking to the Young Man, though the Young Man is indifferent to Gavin while Gavin is in his civilian identity (the classic superhero alter-ego problem). During their adventures, Ronald and Gavin also discover the weakness to Surge's superpowers is dance music! How's that for camp?! Ronald and Gavin investigate a bizarre crime wave leading to Hector now calling himself Metal Master, who is more powerful than Surge of Power. Metal Master is out to destroy Big City and takes a hostage of the Young Man. After finally tracking down the villain, Surge of Power speeds to his climactic battle in his new super vehicle, the Surgemobile! Even with input from science-fiction veterans Lou Ferrigno, Nichelle Nichols and Noel Neill will Surge of Power thwart the devious plans of the evil Metal Master? Why can't Gavin throw a ball? Are capes in fashion? Watch in amazement as Gavin explores what it means to be a hero, seeks a higher power, and decides whether to wear a cape.


Michael Donahue


Vincent J Roth