It's a show-biz story about the rise and fall of a group of recent college grads who hit the road across the Midwest in hopes of fame and fortune. Along the way to building an act that will tickle funny bones, they bicker, fall in and out of love and change partners. But the four men and two women who make up the "Slings and Arrows" troupe have two things going for them: perseverance and the fact that they are funny... at least once they start kicking into high gear. As they become better stage performances who find bigger audiences, their act becomes faster, funnier and brighter, though their personal lives start colliding in awkward ways that threaten to pull apart. The beautiful troupe member Kim comes between company founder, Jared, and its producer Brian. When those romances start coming unglued, plain-Jane cast member Liz sees her chance to finally snare Jared out of the unrequited-love category and make him hers. Nothing turns out the way any of them had expected.


Jim McDermott


Steve Kurtz