Cyd is an actress turned performing mermaid in a Miami hotel who has just flipped her flippers for a horse trainer named Woody. But their love is barely out of the gate when Woody's champion horse Molnir--and then Woody himself--are suddenly murdered. The trainer's dying act is to slip a locket into Cyd's outstretched hand, and before she has time to think, she's out of her mermaid flippers and on the road, hotly pursued by Woody's killer. Why have a champion racehorse and its trainer been murdered? And why is Cyd's locket worth killing for? With the help of Jack, a failed golf pro, and Pompey, a precocious 10 year-old, Cyd must risk her life to solver these mysteries--whether she wants to or not!


Edward Bianchi


Mitch Glazer