18th century Kazakhstan is a vast region of austere beauty, bordered by China, Russia and Tibet. The proud and warlike Kazakh tribes have survived and fought for centuries--against their enemies and amongst themselves. Oraz, a mystic warrior possessing great powers, foretells the birth of Mansur--a savior destined to bring victory to the Kazakh people. Fearful of Oraz' prediction, the Jungar ruler Galdan orders his mighty General, Sharish, to find the child and slay him. Oraz devotes himself to training Mansur to become a warrior of unequalled strength and skill. Oraz must also protect him by concealing the boy's true identity--the son of a Sultan and descendant of legendary warrior king Ghenghis Kahn. Erali, an abandoned orphan, is also trained by Oraz and becomes a brother to Mansur. When Oraz has done all he can to prepare Mansur, he must withdraw and allow him to prove his worth if he is to fulfill the prophecy against overwhelming odds. He is powerless to intervene when brother is pitted against brother and the death of one ensures the other's survival. Extraordinary landscapes and ravishing design provide the exotic backdrop against which the breathtaking action is played out. Good confronts Evil, friendship is forged in adversity and tested by jealousy and love is sacrificed on the altar of fate. And through it all, a legend is born.