This documentary chronicles the life and military career of war hero Colonel Ed Ramsey, whose life stands as a shining example of a life lived with honor and sacrifice. Ramsey overcame adversity as a child to lead the East Central Luzon Guerrilla Area force in the Pacific theater, and went on to testify three times on Capitol Hill in favor of restoring wartime benefits owed to Filipino forces who had been promised benefits and even a path to citizenship in return for their wartime service with U.S. forces (since the Philippines as a U.S. protectorate when the Japanese invasion began). His story through archival footage and interviews with experts, longtime friends, family members, and senior military and business leaders who knew him well, and never-before-seen interviews with Ramsey himself. It is the story of a man in wartime and in time of peace, and the importance he placed on patriotism and the two countries he loved - the United States and the Philippines.


Josh Brolin


Matthew Hausle