It's December 14, 1999, and Miami-based, international news giant WNC has entered into an unholy alliance with covert operators in Washington, D.C., to create an international event that will help get the U.S. president re-elected for a currently unconstitutional third term. What they need is a gullible reporter to follow the story. WNC's correspondent in Paris, Michael Kael, seems to fit the bill. Kael is assigned to cover a two-day festival of African dance in Katango. Soon, WNC broadcasts a tape of a Japanese wacko announcing plans to blow up the world with stolen nuclear weapons. When it is discovered that the origin of the tape is Katango, Kael is WNC's point-man. However, Kael stumbles onto the fact that the story is fake and throws the entire operation into chaos.


Christopher Smith


Benoît Delépine