Soon after premiering his short film at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, promising young Irish director Simon Fitzmaurice was tragically diagnosed with motor neuron disease (ALS). At the age of 34, he was given four years to live. Fitzmaurice and his wife were expecting their third child, and a career in storytelling lay at his feet. Reeling from the shock, Fitzmaurice drew strength from his deepest desires-instead of being stuck in that painful moment, he realized his greatest defiance of ALS would be to direct his first feature film. Seven years later, despite total physical incapacitation, Fitzmaurice completed "My Name is Emily" (2015), directing it with the use of his eyes only. His journey of is captured through intimate home movies and photographs that transport us into Fitzmaurice's creative world, where every physical and psychological challenge is met with optimism and the desire to fulfill a dream.


Colin Farrell


Frankie Fenton