Three corporate slugs jockey for position within a decaying multi-national conglomerate. Dobbitt is called away from his wife for an indeterminate but lengthy stint at the grungiest of third-world factories--an increasingly dangerous plant that produces toxins as it belches out its mysterious "Units" to meet the company's quotas. Following a seemingly endless days' journey to his new home, Dobbitt meets his new colleague and roommate-from-hell Hanrahan. While Dobbitt tries his hardest to please, Hanrahan is a caustic and bitter man who immediately questions the new arrival's motives. The two report to Merkin, a petty and paranoid manager who ruthlessly pits his two subordinates against each other. In their own ways, the three "tango" for power within the company and in their dealings with each other, forming and breaking and reforming alliances along the way.


Robert M Young


Rick Dresser