Glenn 'Fitz' Fitzgerald is a young man caught in an unusual love-triangle between his music, girlfriend Monica, and... selling weed. A bohemian artist wanna-be, Fitz is obsessed with his own "triangle theory," likely influenced by...weed. The theory basically describes that any three points, or persons, can make a triangle. After the devastating news that his band is breaking up, Fitz finds himself spending more time "dealing." When his ex-band mates Tommy, Richie, and Sheila start gaining success, Fitz cannot "deal," so he dedicates his time to writing a really bad rock opera, which of course is about his triangle theory. His dreams come to a halt when one of his "deals" goes awry, and he stupidly goes "on the lam." This is bad timing for Monica, who is pregnant and doesn't tell him. With her career getting a boost from her creepy boss Barry pressuring her to take it to the next level, she is torn between chasing down her pot-dealing boyfriend, who she loves, and following her career, which she needs.


Matt Walsh