Nearly a decade ago, a quiet suburb on the outskirts of New York City was rocked by tragedy when an infant was kidnapped and found dead a few days later by police officer Nancy Porter. The tragedy turned to shock when it was discovered that the perpetrators were eight-year-old girls, Alice Manning and Ronnie Fuller, who were convicted and sent to a juvenile detention facility. Now 18 years old and released from custody, Alice and Ronnie return to their hometown. They have barely spoken to each other, and each seems eager to put the past behind them. But only a few days after their release, a toddler goes missing. Porter, now a full detective, and her partner Jones, interview Alice and Ronnie to see if there is any connection. As Porter quickly tries to put the pieces together, hoping to find the baby alive, years of accusations, resentment, and secrets are unearthed and painful truths are finally revealed.


Amy Berg