In the Canadian Rockies community of Semi-Happy Valley, Dudley Do-Right works as a dedicated but hapless young Mountie. Dudley's ladylove, Nell Fenwick, has seen the world and decided to settle down in Seattle, still confused about her relationships with men. The evil Snidley Whiplash is out to rule the world, at least one sleepy part of it. Snidley devises the scam of the century, he 'salts' the local streams with gold, setting off the biggest gold rush since the Klondike. Leading the charge for gold is The Prospector, an unsuspecting oaf who is swept into the limelight by Snidley. As thousands of millionaire wannabes storm the border, Dudley is fired by Nell's dad. Stripped of his badge, his office and his gal, the usually sweet, naive Dudley is ready to kick some serious butt.