In some ways, Sam and Jules couldn't be more different. Sam, the only child of a hard working single mom, has somewhat of a dark outlook on life. It is hard to see the world through rose-colored glasses when you have to work an after school job at a food stand called Burgatory. On the other hand, Jules is full of hope and joy. All she ever wanted to do is dance. Her parents, her younger brother, and her best friend Sam, all know her life revolves around dancing. Her obsession with the dancing manifests itself within a line from the quintessential ballet film,The Red Shoes. After hearing "A dancer who relies on the comfort of human love will never be a great dancer," she immediately breaks up with her boyfriend Eli. Jules has one goal in mind, to attend Juilliard and study dance when she graduates high school. Jules spends all of her energy and free time in the studio thriving on the arduous trainingroutine she has undertaken. Sam on the other hand does not always make it to dance class on time, or take it seriously once she is there. With hundreds set to audition and only a handful of slots, Jules' path to Julliard is, in her mind, the most difficult challenge she has faced. Continuously rehearsing her audition piece with her dance teacher and mentor, Linda, Jules is suddenly slowed. A nagging pain in her hip threatens to tear the fabric of all she has worked for. She continues to dance nonetheless with the help of a chiropractor and herbal ointments. Jules is diagnosed with an illness that could threaten not only her aspirations to dance, but her life as well.


Peter Gilbert