Here are some tips to get your campaign off on the right foot:

  1. 1

    Get specific – set a goal, set up the program guidelines and make sure everyone on your team knows about important dates and fundraising deadlines. It’s all fun and games until people miss order deadlines!

  2. 2

    Communication - does everyone know who your team lead is? Do they know who to ask if they need help? Make sure your team is checking in often so if anyone is having a hard time they don’t feel alone.

  3. 3

    Break it down – if different team members are going to play different roles, make sure everyone understands what they are doing and their responsibilities.

  4. 4

    Stay informed - use our information page and handouts to make sure everyone on the team knows about the products they are selling!

  5. 5

    Buffer it - everyone loves deadlines but we all know that sometimes things come up. Be sure you have a few days between your cut-off date and deadlines to account for last minute changes and to allow for flexibility.

  1. 6

    Spread the word – print off our helpful marketing materials to inform potential buyers about what you’re doing and how they can buy your fundraising products.

  2. 7

    Stay motivated - is your team tracking your progress? Use a goal tracker to monitor your team’s success.

  3. 8

    Set reminders - make sure your team lead is communicating deadlines so that team members submit their total quantities per item before the team lead places the bulk order. This way everything can be ordered in one order! The team lead can also communicate any program changes with campaign participants.

  4. 9

    Use our Fundraising Checklist to ensure you reach your goals.

  5. 10

    Make money with Cineplex – your ticket to great fundraising!


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